Are Millenials the Misunderstood Generation

Have You Heard the Buzz About Millenials?

There’s a great deal of negative chatter about the generation known for the their entitlement. They are heard to be selfish and egotistical, drive by things rather than accomplishment. Whoa … them are some harsh words!

Shouldn’t we give Millenials more Credit?

Millennials are a driving force in our current economy. However, I do believe they are misunderstood. Is there a way to better understanding their perspective? This generation has experienced the influence of technology throughout their live.

Differences are Real

And yes, they are different as a result of this influence. The difference is real. formative years spent on technology and social media rewires the brain. The difference between Millennials and previous generations is significant: depression, suicide and social challenges are present, even if this generation appears to move through life with confidence and certainty.

Get a Fresh Perspective

I invite your to watch Simon Senik share his deep understanding of the generation of this misunderstood generation.

[youtube id=”sjxNTcsquG8″]

Young people are the future of our collective success. They are the leaders of tomorrow, but those who came before them are the leaders of today.

It’s up to the leaders of today to develop empathy, to develop a better understanding of how the society we created influenced a generation of yourng people who are looking to find a place to belong, a way to make an impact, and a path to create a world worthy of their contributions.

That doesn’t seem so different does it?

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