Choosing Your Blog Niche

Choosing Your Niche for Your Blog is Important

So you want to start a blog? Super, choosing your niche is your first step.

Now you need to make the big decision. What in heaven’s name are you going to write about on your blog? Here’s the truth… you can start a blog writing about anything.

Starting a blog means you get to call the shots. But, keep this in mind. Blogs that start of with no direction, tend to not do as well as other blogs that are well thought out.

A Clear Purpose for Your Blog Matters

The reason for this is that when people get on the internet they are there for a primary reason.

They have a problem that needs to be solved.

It might be to find and answer to a questions or to discover entertainment. If someone is looking a solve a particular problem, the rambling type of blog filled with random thoughts don’t attract people.

Reader’s primary concern is this: How is your information going to solve their problem?

Problem solving blogs are popular because they give people what they need.

This is why niche blogs are all the rage.

Consider this…

You really like to bake, but your cakes are dry. They don’t have that moist bakery tenderness you want to achieve.

So you go to the internet and you search the web for “how to create moist bakery-like cakes at home”.

Because your need is specific, specific blogs come up in your search. You peruse the top 10 sites and find they all have to do with baking cakes. Not ‘baking cookies’ or ‘baking a ham’.

These niche sites are there because they have learned how to narrow their specific audience. Being so specific brings visitors back over and over again.

Niche sites are growing in number every day. The question is how do you select your niche site?

Start With What You Already Know – and Hopefully LOVE

You’ve heard it before, ‘Write what you’re passionate about”. It seems corny, but there some logic to that approach.

  • Blogging about your passions lays the ground work for some cool results.
  • Bloggers who blog about their passion are more likely to find the time and put in the work to make it the best it can be.
  • Bloggers who blog about what they’re passionate about are more like to stay motivated for the long term.
  • Bloggers who blog about what they’re passionate about have ideas that breed more ideas.
  • Bloggers who blog about what they’re passionate about develop a unique voice in their writing and this gives you more followers who identify with you.

If you chase the money, you are going to burnout. You are going to get frustrated. You won’t have knowledge easily accessible if the topic is new to you as opposed to sharing background knowledge you already have.

The Question is How do You Find Your Passion?

This question can be a difficult one to answer. You know you have interests, but passions are things that serve as a driving force in your life.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Do you have hobbies?
  • What do you do during your free time?
  • Name one topic that can draw you into a conversation, anywhere, anytime.
  • Are there classes you really jazzed you up in college? Or high school?
  • Is there one thing you would love doing for the rest of your life if money wasn’t an issue?

Now give this a try: Working from instinct, create a list of 10 different writing ideas. Think of them as blog headlines. If you can’t generate this list, then perhaps you need to move to a different topic.

Find a different niche.

Let’s say, logic brings you to an easy list of 10, but you’re really not jazzed by having to actually do the writing of those posts, again, find another niche.

But, if those 10 headline make you look forward to the work that lies ahead, take some time to generate those posts so you can fill your blog with content before you get started.

This is a great way to investigate an area of interest without any investment other than time and application.

If you find you really enjoy the focus, you’ll be ahead of the game because you’ll be prepared with content for your blog when you do set it up.

Look for a Unique Twist Within A Niche

The truthis, it’s hard to come up with new information. There are already millions of blogs in every niche market. But as a smart blog builder, you want to identify a key problem you see that exsist in your specific market place.

Narrow your field of view. Define a clear vision of your potential audience. The more specific the better. For instance, ‘weight loss’ is very broad. “Weight loss for women” that’s more specific, but still a broad reach.

Think even more specifically. “Weight loss for new moms” or “Weight loss for brides to be” How about this: “Safe weight loss for diabetics”?

The market you select must have a need, and that market must be highly targeted. Your role is then to deliver solutions that meet that need while giving them a reader’s experience that causes them to come back again and again.

The good news is, you don’t need to be married to your first niche. You can change it in the future. After all, it’s your ball, your rules. But, keep in mind, if you create experience around this niche for yourself first and really get some clarity on the direction you want to take your blog, it can save you time and money.

Finding Your Niche

Finding your niche can be an intimidating process, because there are blogs in every niche you can conceivable create. But know that there are voids out there. Voids that are unmet needs.

This blog was created with the beginner blogger in mind, people who want to start a blog, but they are busy and don’t have time to dilly-fart around with the trial and error method of creating a blog.

This blog is about giving people fast, efficient blueprint to purposeful blog creation. This isn’t my first niche site I created. This evolved over time and experience.

Here’s the take-away…

You might end up beginning in one niche and moving to another. Just know this is a journey of progress of experience.

If you’re having trouble identifying your niche, leave a comment below and maybe we can get some clarity together.

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