Wealthy Affiliate Review: Is It a Training Platform or a Scam?

You’re here to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate. You’ve looked into it and you want an insider’s view. I am a Wealthy Affiliate insider, and I have a unique perspective.

Here’s why.

Before learning about Wealthy Affiliate, I knew a great deal about web design and online marketing.

Unlike others who join with little experience, I had been around the block a few times. I developed many relationships with other programs that claimed to be online business platforms. These other programs were less than impressive.

I should be ashamed at the amount of money I spent on these programs. But, Im not because I learned valuable lessons I pass on to you as a reader of this site.

What I share in this Wealthy Affiliate Review is  my response what they offer and how it compares to other programs out there.

Let’s get started on the review…


Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Price: $0 to get started

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank: 99/100


Today, I’m reviewing Wealth Affiliate. If you are considering getting started online you’ll want to have all the information necessary in order to make a decisions that’s right for you.

Becoming your own boss can be a scary endeavor, but it doesn’t need to be.

My objective as I looked for resources to help people make money online was that it has MINIMAL start up cost.

I figured there are so many people who see the power of the internet as an extra source of income, but don’t know where to start.

That was me. I was clueless when I started, too.

So, I am here to give you a clear overview on this program. Then you can decide if it’s actually worth taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate as a course of action.

Here we go…

It’s Free to Sign UP at Wealthy Affiliate

You create your free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate. From there you are guided in getting information that can be difficult to put together in a clear way.

As soon as you sign up, the community welcomes you with open arms. They also offer you support whenever you need it.

The WA community is made up of people who want to succeed and help others do the same. You even have access the owners and creators of the program, Kyle and Carson.

They chat with the community regularly. But, even better, they also respond to your questions and comments directly!

Advice and help is only a keyboard away.

You’re probably wonder how Wealthy Affiliate really works.

Let’s get to it…

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is an online training center.

Inside the community there are all kinds of people from all over the globe. They’re all there to build a successful business online, while helping each other along the way.

The trainings are presented mostly by Kyle – he’s a creator of this “online university”.

There are courses that include modules and forums, or conversation threads, that help move you towards your ultimate goal: making money online.

The trainings are a logical collection of step by step instruction modules. They are action based, and you can work at your own pace.

You decide on the amount of time you can dedicated to it each day.

Speed is not the objective. Understanding is.

What Do You Do in Wealthy Affiliate?

You are not buying into the program just to sell the program. Yes, it’s a great system, but it’s about you learning a trade, if you will.

What you do is learn how to create your own website and promote other products. You learn how to become and affiliate marketer.

Your goal: to make commissions on products you sell through your efforts.

Rest assured, you are developing the foundation of becoming your own boss. This is unlike the Multi-Level Marketing structure you may already know about. You aren’t working for a company or for your up line.

You don’t have a down line that determines your income. You are truly working for yourself.

Making money online is a relatively simple process.

The techniques you learn at Wealthy Affiliate, presented with clarity and simplicity, are what make this program very unique.

The training is laid out in a clear curriculum. This is what makes it stand out above other programs I’ve researched and tried.

Here are the simple steps


wealthy affiliate review steps


  1. Select a Niche
  2. Create a Website
  3. Get Traffic
  4. Monetize Your Website


Just because something is simple, doesn’t always mean it’s easy, especially in the beginning. But once get the details down within this formula, you’ll begin to understand how profitable this business can be.

If you’re ready to succeed, and put in a little time and intellectual grease, you will make what seems impossible very possible.

Trust me when I say the trainings are easy to understand.

You’ll have your first site created so fast. That first site give you the overview of the entire process. It gives you the entire picture.

As a free member you get 2 free sites, so this is great. You’ll learn what you need to know from the 4 simple steps above.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Time?

Here are some of the features of value that you have access to when you become a free member. Read through the rest of this post and you can answer the question yourself: Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Your Time?

Features of value

  • Free start up
  • No credit card required
  • 2 Free websites
  • No Up-sells
  • Free, easy to follow training courses and tutorials
  • Help and support available 24/7
  • Free Keyword Planning Tool
  • Purchases hosting and domains from one place
  • Reasonable membership site cost


Other programs I got started in claimed to be free, but when you progressed through their funnel of opportunity there was on up sell after the other.

At Wealthy Affiliate, there is NO up-sell when you sign up. The only obligation you have is to yourself. You decide how seriously you want the free training.

Most people who sign up enjoy the free training so much and see how simple the process is that they actually end up becoming a member.

Good training just cannot be ignored.

Just know there are NO STRINGS ATTACHED here.

Relationships Lead to Success with WA

One of the things I think is incredible is the community support.  You have a chance to get feedback from other members about your site and your strategies.

A gentleman from New Zealand asked for someone to review his site and give him feedback so he could refine it.

So, I did. I took some time to review his site, make observations, and then make suggestions for improvement. He was SOOOoo grateful.

Now I know I can count on him when I need it. That’s a valuable business relationship.

And why would I do this? Spend so much time (it took me about an hour) to review his site.?

It wasn’t because I had to. That’s not required. I did it because someone else did the very same thing for me.

And this kind of support is friggin’ amazing!!!!

If you’re proactive, the community responds to you.

Who Can Benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealth Affiliate is for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online working from home. You might want a little income, or you might want to replace your income.

If you’ve been confused in the past, feeling like you got raked over the coals by scams dressed up as make money online programs, then this will restore you faith in what’s really possible.

Listed are people who might benefit from this great program:

  • Stay at home parents who are looking to supplement the household income
  • Busy professionals who want to learn how to create another stream of income
  • Retirees or those nearing retirement
  • College students who want to create a business for the long term
  • High school graduates looking to learn a skills set that will pay them
  • People who want to take control of their financial destiny
  • People looking to change their lifestyle
  • People who hate their jobs and want to call the shots
  • People who want to spend more time with their family

Basically, anyone who wants to create change and enjoy the freedom of choices in their lives. If you fit into this category you would definitely benefit from this program.

Become a Part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community at no cost. (It’s FREE)

Access to Kyle and Carson (and they respond!)

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Overview

There is a difference between the starter membership and the premium membership.

The free Starter Membership is for those who want to learn the basics. Starter members get the luxury of testing out the program before moving to the premium. There is no time limit on free memberships, by the way.

The Premium Membership is for people who are ready to go. They know their serious about being dedicated to their own success. It takes some time and dedication, but worth every minute.

If you want access to all the training courses today, Premium is the way to go. The good news is, when you work at this, you are 100% your own boss.

No one will pressure you in any way.

You  make your rules and the schedule to follow. That is priceless!

As an option, there is the yearly plan that allows you to save money. Again, entirely up to you. Upgrade only if the Yearly Plan is right for you.

  1. Starter Membership – $0 (Try Out WA for FREE)
  2. Premium Membership – $49 (Monthly Fee)

Take a look at what’s included with the the two membership options


Special Bonus!!!

When you join as a Starter, it’s no cost to you, and you have access to me. I will help you  get the ball rolling if you have any questions. But, I have to know you have set up your account.

Have courage and faith and dive in. You’ll never know if this is for you if you don’t give it a full hearted effort.

No cost = no fear… there really is nothing to lose.

Join Wealthy Affiliate, $0 Starter Membership HERE

My Overall Impression of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has given me the chance to build skills that allow me to create security for future finances. I get to spend more time doing what I love.

And, what I do for “work” pays me in return.

Step Into Courage

I joined Wealthy Affiliate with some fear about building a site and I was really confused about how to put all the pieces together.

I have learned everything I need to know… and a whole lot more.

If you ever doubted yourself before, put that aside. Try something new – free quality training. It’s going to help you. The first course you take will be similar to the rest of the advanced training inside.

There’s no need to be worried about buyer’s remorse. There is none!

I hope I see you in the Wealthy Affiliate Community. If you get there, that means we can work together!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my review. If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I invite you to leave me a comment below about what you think about Wealthy Affiliate. Or you can connect with me on my personal page at Wealthy Affiliate.com

Join today. It will be the beginning of an exciting adventure in an awesome community.

Try Wealthy Affiliate for Free



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